FSMS Prerequisite Program PRP Log Template | FDS1050-5

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easily editable in ms wordFSMS Prerequisite Program PRP Log Template

The FSMS Prerequisite Program PRP Log Template covers chemical use, chemical storage, cleaning/sanitizing equipment, and more. Activities related to the cleaning/sanitation program, as well as any corrections or corrective actions required, should be recorded in the FS1050-5 PRP LOG EXAMPLE by the person designated by the Department Manager as they are performed. The Department Manager reviews the log each day and reports deviations immediately to the Food Safety Team Leader.

The Department Manager submits a weekly report on the log to the Food Safety Team Leader. The Food Safety Team Leader (or an appointed member of the Food Safety Team) should periodically review PRPs to determine if they continue to meet company, regulatory, and customer requirements and continue to produce the desired results. Such reviews should be conducted at least semiannually.

PRPs should be subjected to third-party audits at regular intervals – even if such audits are not legally required – to verify that the PRPs are properly documented and communicated to the appropriate parties, properly implemented, continue to meet requirements, and are monitored and measured for the purpose of continual improvement. It’s important that PRP logs are filled out completely at the end of every working day (or shift) and are up-to-date.

FSMS Prerequisite Program PRP Log TemplateFSMS Prerequisite Program PRP Log Template Details

Pages: 02
Words: 266
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: ISO 22000
Procedure: FSMS Prerequisite Programs Procedure FDS1050
Type: Log

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