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easily edit in ms wordBoard of Directors Meetings Procedure

The Board of Directors Meetings Procedure describes how to properly plan, execute, and record Board of Director’s Meetings. The procedure applies to Top Management who oversees the meeting process and “The Board” who is responsible for attending such meetings and making decisions regarding the company’s operations as required. (8 pages, 1654 words)

In order to prepare for the Board of Director’s meetings, you should know they will be scheduled and held in accordance with the company’s bylaws. The Board should meet at least once a year. Directors should receive notice at least ten days prior to these meetings. Such notice should include: the date, time, and place of the meeting; meeting agenda; and in the case of a special (i.e., unscheduled) meeting, who is calling the meeting and why.

Board of Directors Meetings Responsibilities:

Top Management is responsible for overseeing the Board of Directors Meeting process.

The Board of Directors is responsible for attending Board meetings and making decisions regarding the company’s operations, as required; also referred to in this document as “the Board”.

Board of Directors Meetings Definitions:

Board of Directors – Individuals elected by a corporation’s shareholders to oversee the management of the corporation.

Consent Agenda – A practice by which the mundane and non-controversial board action items are organized in a group and passed with one motion.

Board of Directors Meetings ProcedureBoard of Directors Meetings Procedure Activities

  • Preparing for the Board of Directors’ Meeting
  • Board of Directors’ Meeting Procedure
  • Board of Directors’ Meeting Process Review
  • Board of Directors’ Meeting Process Improvements

Board of Directors Meetings Procedure Forms



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