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easily editable in ms wordBoard Development Procedure

The Board Development Procedure ensures that all necessary considerations are taken in regard to the agency’s programs and goals during the appointment of new Board members, and to provide adequate opportunity for communication among existing Board members.

The Non-profit Board should include at least two representatives of the people and causes served by the agency. To the extent possible, the Board will be made up of people of different ethnic backgrounds and skill sets who represent the community served by the agency. Not more than one member of a family or one participant in a close personal relationship shall serve on the Board at any given time. Board appointments will be made based on the agency’s needs. Officers shall include a president, treasurer and secretary.

The Non-profit Board Development Procedure applies to all Board appointments, including member replacements, Board expansion and reapplications for membership. (14 pages, 3,233 words)

Board Development Committee

The Board Development Committee will recommend appointments to the Board of Directors during a full meeting of the Board. A written nomination form prepared by the Board Development Committee will be distributed prior to discussion of the nomination. This form will include information regarding the nominee’s occupation, skills, residency, marital/family status, current and previous Board participations and experiences, and committee interests.

Three months before completion of a two-year term, a Director desiring to be retained on the Non-profit Board should complete an application for continuing Board membership. The application should be submitted to the Board Development Committee for review, according to a pre-defined list of factors, which should include, but not be limited to, the following: Attendance (Committee and Board meetings), Participation/contribution, and Representative needs of the Board and agency.

board development procedure Board Development Procedure Activities

  • Non-profit Board Appointments
  • Application for Continuing Non-profit Board Membership
  • Board Vacancies
  • Election of Officers
  • Officer Responsibilities
  • Forming Non-profit Board Committees
  • Resignation/Removal from the Board
  • Non-profit Board Recruitment
  • Attendance Records

Board Development Procedure Forms


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