The Purchasing Policies and Procedures Manual will provide vendor selection and purchasing controls that assist in managing supply chains and provide quality inputs to your company. The included procedures should be utilized to account for and control all purchases and acquisitions of your company.

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    • Accounts Payable and Cash Disbursement PUR106
    • General Purchasing PUR102
    • Project Purchasing PUR103
    • Receiving and Inspection PUR104
    • Shipping and Freight Claims PUR105
    • Vendor Selection Procedure PUR101


    • Daily Sundry Payable Log Template
    • Inventory Inspection Levels Guide Template
    • New Vendor Notice Template PUR101-1
    • Purchase Order Arrival Log Template
    • Purchase Order Follow-Up Request Template
    • Purchase Order Log Template
    • Purchase Order Template
    • Purchase Requisition Template
    • Receiving Inspection Report Template
    • Receiving Log Template
    • Vendor Survey Template PUR101-2