What are the Steps to a Good Writing Process?

What are the Steps to a Good Writing Process?

Working remotely during the coronavirus crisis has meant a shift in communication from in-person to virtual meetings and the written word. Becoming a better writer is essential for communicating and keeping a business coordinated when far away from one another. Taking steps to good writing has become more important. So, what are the steps to a good writing process?

Steps to a Good Writing ProcessEdit revisions

The reasons for wanting to improve one’s writing process during this time are diverse. With job security being a pressing concern for many workers, it is not surprising that a desire to ‘skill-up’ takes hold in everyone’s minds.

A proficient essay writer will rise higher through the ranks to deliver information in a concise and proper style. Productivity has been considered a buzzword for quite some time, and it is a vital concept in a good writing process.

Though it can be lost to a cloudy definition, boiling down to just working more. The unpacked version requires more than a soundbite and lays down concrete, practical steps to good writing.

The following are some tips to better writing process. When you might find yourself doubting your ability, it would be wise to appraise and use some of these strategies. The alternative is to say “write papers for me“.

Obtain Feedbackcomments

Review the tapes. This project is probably not your first. The times before will contain a history of your successes and failures. The only way pro essay writers know they’re a pro is usually through a continued supply of work. Repeat business means things must be going well. 

A more qualitative form of feedback allows you to view the bigger picture of how you sound on the page. Specific feedback in a written document is priceless.

It is now easier than ever to share and receive feedback through online services that allow collaborative editing and commenting. Asking for feedback can be incredibly nerve-wracking.

Not all people are good at giving it. The best way to find someone to review your writing and comment on your work is quite simple; trust your gut.

If it is out of the ordinary to receive and give feedback, maybe requesting it does get offered as a trial, at least. Should you fail to get it through the workplace, perhaps a trusted friend from your personal life could give you another perspective on your strengths, weaknesses, and path forwards? 

Focus on the Topic 

What are you really writing about? Who are you writing for in this circumstance? Is it a policy manual, an ethics brochure, some part of company branding and voice?

There are multiple angles to approach communication enhancement. Writing policies and procedures uses technical writing, which is a different art form from creative writing. If the words you produce are not getting the desired response, maybe you’re mixing styles.

Read the Style Guide

Policies Procedures Writing ebook

New Release of “How to Write a Policies and Procedures Manual” is now available.

In many institutions and workplaces, there are style guides that dictate specific ways of doing things. If you’re stuck on your progression, unable to perform at the standard you expect, the answer could be in this stylebook.

Ways of communicating are ubiquitous and also particular. Essay styles have antecedents, and histories that have taken a long time to decide are correct—a study of grammar and punctuation maybe is your idea of a tedious task. 

Yet the reason these guides exist is for continuity, clarity, and serving as the first line of reference. Poorly received work may be flaunting some of the key points set out in this kind of manual. 

Read More, More Often

Readers make good writers. As long as you are ingesting words frequently, you’ll feel the knock-on effect in your writing. Better writing is more than just an idea, but a coherent structure that seals deals.

For example, we use a procedures style guides to ensure consistency in your procedures.

Whether or not to stick to one genre is up to you. Creative non-fiction, popular science, classics, modern classics all have a unique style. When reading books, consider taking notes on how the work has affected you. Summaries and round-ups in this nature could be the topic for a specific journal or a notebook.

Readers need writers and vice-versa. Ensuring that you keep up with the latest ideas in terms of content and structure will hone your skills to a sharp point.

Remember the Foreign Languages

If you are bi- or multi-lingual, you are probably already aware of the fascinating ways language comes together across the world. If you do not speak and have not spoken French since high school, maybe it is time for another look at how language works in different parts of the world.

Translating full novels may be beyond your capabilities and wants. Still, exploring the roots and evolution of a word that takes your fancy can expand your vocabulary and connect dots, you may not have had in the past.

Return to SchoolWriting Class

Perhaps the grammar checking software is working overtime on your words. Red, blue, angry lines are everywhere on your screen. In this case, maybe a return to school is in order. The range of education levels is vast, from basics to linguistics.

After all, becoming a better writer will require an investment of time into your craft of writing. Some grounding in the basics may feel elementary.

Only an honest appraisal will help in this situation. There is no need to feel self-conscious. Asking for help is the first step to becoming a better writer in this case. You have to love to learn to become a better writer.

Look for a private tutor or some sort of online help. By doing this, we’re feeding back the feedback section above. It may be that a professional is who you need to seek out.

Recapping the Revision

Productive writing comes in many different forms. The expression needs to be clear in some circumstances and channel emotion in others. Looking objectively at your work is sometimes difficult.

Our blind spots eventually disappear if we apply some actions to our work. Learning what makes a good procedure good is easy, it is all about writing.

Steps to Good Writing

Perhaps the most fundamental way to be a better writer is to practice on revisions of your existing work and edit without mercy. The practice encompasses reading, writing summaries, as well as the act of writing itself.

Allocating a specific time of day to do this yields fruitful results. Similarly, by embracing theory and exploring other languages, our minds evolve, and our capacity for expression grows. 


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