Books You Should Read to Improve Your Writing

Books You Should Read to Improve Your Writing

As a writer, it is important to improve those skills. Just like any other skill as a writer, one should always aim to be the best. The content that you put out should not only be captivating but informative to your audience. Whether you are writing your own book or writing for one of those ecommerce sites like the csgo sites, you have to improve your writing. These are the books you should read to improve your writing?

10 Best Books To Improve Your WritingClear Business Writing

One of the ways to greatly improve your writing skills is by acquiring and reading books that have been created specifically to help you to do that. Such books will enable you to be a giant in your field without straining.

1. A 100 Ways to Improve Your Writing by Gary Provost

In this book, you will learn how to allow free-flowing thoughts when you are writing. The book has different lengths of sentences, which create a pleasant tone towards the person who is reading it. In doing so, it will be as if it is beautiful music being played.

Learning how to write in such tones is important since the ears appreciate variety as well. To be a good writer, you should learn how to put across interesting reads that make readers mesmerized. Remember, when content is written well, it makes reading it effortless. This book teaches one how to write short sentences that have a world of meaning.

2. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott

Bird by Bird is one book that everyone who wants to be a good writer must-read. As much as one would expect some of the best and outstanding parts of the book to be highlighted, this whole book is one awesome read. When one decides to venture into writing, they may be nervous and unsure of themselves. But with time, these feelings become less, and their confidence grows more. In the end, writing will feel natural to them.  

The writer Anne Lamott shares how the first paragraph can seem like a huge struggle, but eventually, with great persistence, they turn out to be great writers. This can be achieved if a writer doesn’t mind doing revisions again and again after finding fault with any content. You should leave that your first write-ups should always be great, but if they are, then awesome for you. You should always brainstorm horizontally while editing vertically. Just like blades, words become sharper when they are filed.

3. On Writing by Stephen King

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Well, having a book written by Stephen King should be a must-read for anyone who wants to be a great writer. It gives guidance on how to be a consistent writer. One of the passages goes like this

“We need to experience the mediocre and the outright rotten; such experience helps to recognize those things when they began to creep into our own work and steer clear of them.”

This is to avoid being content with mediocrity and always aim to be the very best. The book encourages one to push themselves as far as possible because to get extraordinary results; one has to do extraordinary things.

4. The Sense of Style by Steven Pinker

The sense of style is a book that dissuades a writer from having overly long and descriptive sentences. It has passages that are quite memorable passages that anyone aspiring to be a great writer will enjoy. Especially people who want to pass their knowledge and wisdom to others. This delightful book is recommended for all types of writers. The contemporary style that the author shows might not sit well with everyone but the people that flow with it will love it.  As a newbie, it may be a little challenging, but if you are aggressive enough, the grammar and style will soon be a norm to you. 

5. Everybody Writes by Ann Handley

If your passion is in blogging or creating content, then you should read this book. The author Ann Handley gives her readers tips and secrets to be an outstanding writer. There are millions and millions of content that is downloaded on the internet on a daily basis; hence this book will help the reader to make great use of the practices that they have and write good grammar as well. She pushes her readers to always tell great stories with their content. 

6. Write Tight by William Brohaugh

It is very important to pass your message without doodling. You should be able to write precisely and say what you want the reader to know, especially when writing SOP (procedures). This book helps one to learn how to achieve that flawlessly. It is a book recommended for all types of writers. 

7. You are a writer (So start acting like one) by Jeff Goins 

This is the book that you need to read if you want to get your hard work noticed. Jeff Goins has given writers a road map with this book explaining the steps to good writing. It is best for content creators, bloggers, and indie authors, among many more. If you take writing as a business that needs to take care of your expenses, then you should get this book. Tips will help to become a professional writer and help you build your platform. 

8. Stein On Writing by Sol Steinwrite policies procedures

Learn to say exactly what you mean with precision and power. If you are a creative writer, then you must always have fresh ideas. Even if the ideas are not completely new, then you must come up with a way to make them look refreshed. This book will help you to go a notch higher when it comes to creative writing. The author Stein On ensures that the book is equipped with important details that any writer should know. 

9. 1001 Ways to Write Great Fiction, Get Published And Earn Your Audience By Chuck Wendig

Just as the name suggests, this book is wonderful for fiction writers. However, the content is not for the faint-hearted. Apart from the profanities and biting humor that one will find in the passages, the book guides one to be a better fiction writer. 

10. Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg

This book teaches about being able to connect with one’s self for powerful content. She makes use of Zen teachings that urge the writers to follow and trust their minds. 

Best Books To Improve Your Writing

So whether you want to be an author of a bestselling book, a business writer, an article writer, blogger, among many others, you should not miss out on learning from such books. Remember, writing can be learned as long as one has the passion and drive to write. At the end of the day, the only way to be a great writer is by being a great reader as well. Always keep a lookout for inspiring books with techniques that make you a great writer.


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