Free Sample Policies Procedures Templates

What are Examples of Policies and Procedures?

If you are planning to write your own policies and procedures manual from scratch, then it helps to have Examples of Policies and Procedures to guide you to creating your own manual. There are a number of free sample policies and procedures templates that you can use to start your manual of policies & procedures.

Examples of Policies and Procedures

What does examples of Policies and Procedures are available? There are many policy procedure examples to choose from. Each procedure sample provides a manual table of contents, a sample policy and procedure, and associated forms in Microsoft Word. You will be able to see the ISO based format, procedure structure, and overall style that is used in each procedure manual. Choose from Accounting, Finance, HR, IT, Sales & Marketing, Security, Disaster Recovery, ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 22000 Food Safety, AS 9100 Aerospace or the business sampler manual.

Download each sample procedure now..

Sample Vendor Selection Procedure

Sample Vendor Selection Procedure

Start with a Free Procedure from the Accounting Manual. Many more policy and procedure examples are available for you to download and use to get your policy and procedure manual started. A variety of different free examples are available, one from each of the standard operating procedures manuals.

Sample Bank Account Reconciliations Procedure

From the Accounting Policies and Procedures Manual there is the Bank Account Reconciliations Procedure, which includes

  • Bank Statement Preparation
  • Computerized Format
  • Manual Preparation and Reconciling Items
  • Computerized Preparation and Reconciling Items
  • Adjustments and Other Troubleshooting

Sample Merchant Accounts Procedure

The Financial Policies and Procedures Manual has a Merchant Accounts Procedure, which includes

  • Merchant Account Plan
  • Merchant Account Comparisons
  • Merchant Account Comparison Review
  • Merchant Account Improvements

Sample Property & Access Control Procedure

The HR Policies and Procedures Manual has an Property & Access Control Procedure, which includes

  • Background Checks
  • Physical Access Controls
  • Key Controls
  • Proprietary Information Controls
  • Collection of Access Controls
  • Visitors and Guests

Sample IT Asset Assessment Procedure

IT Policies and Procedures Manual has an IT Asset Assessment Procedure, which includes

  • IT Asset Assessment Plan
  • IT Asset Scan
  • Documentation and Distribution
  • Nonconformance Handling
  • IT Asset Records Update

Sample Qualifying Leads Procedure

From the Sales & Marketing Policies and Procedures Manual there is a Qualifying Leads Procedure, which covers

  • Qualifying Leads Plan
  • Qualifying Leads
  • Monitoring the Qualifying Process
  • Improving the Qualifying Process

Sample Annual Risk Assessment and Evaluation Procedure

Security Policies and Procedures Manual has a Annual Risk Assessment and Evaluation Procedure, which covers

  •  Risk Assessment
  • Records, Policies, and Agreements

Sample Centers of Operation Procedure

Download a Sample Accounting Policy and Procedure Now

Disaster Recovery Policies and Procedures Manual provides an Centers of Operation Procedure,which includes

  • Supplies and Equipment
  • Storage Site

Sample Service Satisfaction Procedure

Business Sampler Policies and Procedures Manual has a Service Satisfaction Procedure, which includes

  • Post-Service Follow-Up
  • Satisfaction Reporting

Sample Record Control Procedure

The ISO 9001 2015 Procedures has a Record Control Procedure, which includes

  • Identification of Quality Records
  • Record Generation
  • Record Maintenance

Sample Food Safety Records Procedure

ISO 22000 Food Safety Policies Procedures Manual there is a Food Safety Records Procedure, which discusses

  • Identification of Food Safety Records
  • Food Safety Record Generation
  • Food Safety Record Maintenance

Sample Aerospace Manufacturing Procedure

The AS 9100 Aerospace Policy Procedures Manual has an Aerospace Manufacturing Procedure, which covers

  • Production Control
  • Kitting Work Orders
  • Production
  • Inspection and Testing
  • Packaging and Labeling
  • Final Verification

Free Procedure Samples

Choose Free Examples of Policies and Procedures from the various Bizmanualz MS Word manual products. You can use any one of these free policies and procedures templates as a guide to developing your next standard operating procedure manual for your organization. If you need more example templates in MS-Word format, then stop by the bizmanualz for an example standard operating procedures manual for any of your departments.

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