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It’s important for your company to review and update where necessary its quality assurance system to ensure compliance with ISO 9001 requirements and will obtain third party registration in order to successfully and competitively sell our products to international customers.

The ISO Compliance Procedure outlines the requirements of the ISO 9001 standards and the registration process. This statement applies to all individuals involved with quality assurance for product development, manufacturing installation, and service. (8 pages, 2315 words)

ISO Compliance Definitions:

Benchmarking – (a) Measuring progress toward a goal at intervals prior to the anticipated attainment of the goal. (b) Continuous measurement of a process, product, or service compared to those of the toughest competitor, to those considered industry leaders, or to similar activities in the organization in order to find and implement ways to improve it.

Compliance – (a) Act or process of complying with a desire, demand, or proposal or to coercion. (b) Conformity in fulfilling official requirements.

Comply – Conform or adapt one’s actions to another’s wishes, to a rule, or to necessity.

Gap analysis – Act of determining where the company is (with regard to product quality, for example) and comparing that with where it should be or would like to be. Gap analysis flows naturally from benchmarking – once the company understands the general expectations of performance in its industry, it compares those with its current capabilities.

Quality – (a) Degree to which a set of inherent characteristics (of a product or service) fulfills requirements. (b) Degree of excellence; grade. (c) Superiority in kind.

ISO Compliance Procedure

ISO Compliance Procedure Activities

  • ISO Background and ISO Standards
  • Overview of ISO 9001
  • Quality System Objectives and Principles
  • Quality Management System Development
  • ISO Registration

ISO Compliance Procedure References

  • ISO/EN 9001:2008, Quality Management Systems ” Requirements, 4th edition, Dec. 15, 2008



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