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easily editable in ms wordAssembly Manuals Procedure

The Assembly Manuals Procedure outlines the typical formats and content for preparation of assembly manuals.

As part of the company’s quality assurance system and to assure consistent, quality production within established specification criteria, detailed assembly manuals and/or instructions will be prepared for each product manufactured by the company. These manuals will be utilized for personnel training and as an ongoing reference source.

The Assembly Manuals Procedure applies to the manufacturing and assembly of all products. (4 pages, 720 words)

Assembly Manuals Responsibilities:

The Engineering Department develops and distributes some manuals; others may be provided by vendors.

The Manufacturing Department periodically reviews the assembly manuals.

Assembly Manuals ProcedureAssembly Manuals Procedure Activities

  • Preparation of Assembly Manuals
  • Models or Samples
  • Assembly Manual Review


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