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easily editable in ms wordProject Planning Procedure

The Project Planning Procedure helps keep the company’s development projects running smoothly and within the allowed budget. In addition, time delays should be prevented by adequately planning the time needed to complete the projects.

All projects will have a written plan of the work to be done. The Project Planning Procedure applies to all project managers superintendents, and estimators. (4 pages, 1,262 words)

The first step in the project planning process is a detailed review of the estimate by the Project Manager and the Project Superintendent with the Estimator. Preparation of the plan includes things such as determining the scope of the work included in the construction project and listing every operation that must be performed to complete the contract.

Project Planning ProcedureProject Planning Procedure Activities

  • Review of Estimate
  • Project Planning Meeting
  • Preparation of the Plan
  • Analysis of Construction Methods
  • Standard Plans
  • Job Start Checklist



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