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easily editable in ms wordStructuring Meetings Record Keeping Procedure

The Structuring Meetings Record Keeping Procedure helps with meeting on a regular basis and keeping a permanent record of Board membership, activity, and Board proceedings.

Meetings are held to make decisions, plan actions and shape the future. Records are kept to provide a written history of activities, which may become useful in the event of legal actions, program analysis, decision clarification and new member/staff education.

The Structuring Meetings Record Keeping Procedure applies to all activities of the Board and Board committees. (2 pages, 557 words)

Board files should be maintained in a permanent, fireproof file cabinet. The Secretary of the Board shall be responsible for maintaining these files. Board members will meet the first Tuesday of every month at the agency’s offices, between the hours of 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Meeting Structurd Record Keeping ProcedureStructuring Meetings Record Keeping Procedure Activities

  • Board Files
  • Meetings
  • Quorum Requirements


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