Using Behavioral Analytics to Boost Business Cyber-Security

Using Behavioral Analytics to Boost Business Cyber-Security

Worrying statistics have found that 43% of all cyber-attacks target small businesses. These figures point to other precarious facts, for instance: about half of all small businesses don’t survive the first cyber attacks.

Data protection is an integral part of a well-run business, and it is becoming harder to secure business operations and transactions in the online age. However, not all is lost, as you try to continuously improve your business, you ought to consider installing the latest technology in cybersecurity: behavioral analytics.

What is Behavioral Analytics?

Behavioral analytics is a pretty new player to the field of cyber-security yet has grown from the different ideas found in different cybersecurity strategies. It is essentially an analytics strategy in business that studies data in order to understand why people act the way they do so as to predict their future actions.

When applied to cyber-security, it analyzes the traffic flow on your website to predict how people act in order to more quickly identify potential threats. While behavioral analytics is sometimes used as a cybersecurity measure in isolation, it can be combined with technologies such as virtual private networks (VPN), as this will offer added protection to your business. The question now is how to use behavior analytics to protect your data.

Identify Human Error

Although often overlooked, one of the greatest dangers to your data is the predisposition of people to making mistakes. The traditional solution to this is to contact security teams to comb through employee records and try to identify any policy violations.

However, because these security teams are still simply composed of human beings, they are also prey to overlooking errors or even covering up their own. Using behavioral analytics as a third-party guarantees automated checks that are designed to identify errors and miscalculations quickly and efficiently.

Increased User Authentication Tools

IT Security Policies and Procedures Manual

Information Security Policy and Procedures Manual

Another way in which behavioral analytics can help keep your business data safe is through its authentication capabilities. These basically map how much authentication a user needs to gain access to sensitive data based on their patterns of behavior.

What this means is that a user who has been flagged by the software for penning suspicious emails or sending company data through their private email accounts will have limited access to highly classified data or even be subjected to disciplinary action.

Data security is the question of the modern age, and behavioral analytics is slowly showing itself as a good answer. It may be time for your business to incorporate it into your cyber-security strategy. 

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