What are Current Mobile App Industry Trends?

What are Current Mobile App Industry Trends?

There has been a significant shift in consumer behavior since the Covid pandemic. More people rely heavily on mobile devices for communication, collaboration, purchases, and convenience. As a result, businesses are at the threshold of an inevitable digital transformation that consumers are seeking. What are current mobile app industry trends?

Mobile App Trends Changing The Face of  DevelopmentMobile Devices

With customers downloading a sizeable number of apps across verticals, it has become essential for startups and businesses to consider developing an enterprise mobile app solution. At least 230 billion apps were downloaded in 2021 alone. This number will increase with time.

However, with every app solution, customers seek innovative and competent experiences. For example, if they have two different grocery apps on their phone, they want to make sure the offering is completely different.

It has become essential to deliver in sync with the experience requirements and plan your app for the current technologies. Businesses should be well-versed in current trends and technologies that can help boost the app solution.

Every technology trend can improve customer satisfaction and increase engagement rate. This will eventually lead to increased conversions for your business. Here, we will take you through the top 8 technology trends you should implement when developing your next business app solution.

Foldable App Development

The global number of foldable device units will reach 100 million by 2025. At the moment, there are limited options available for foldable devices. However, these innovative devices are slowly gaining popularity because of the experience they extend to the users.

The large screens and ample space requires new interface designs. As an app developer, you need to design for multiple screens that can open simultaneously. It would help if you also created for portrait and landscape viewing, as required. This is one of the most significant trends to reimagine business mobile app development.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learningsecure software coding

While this technology trend has been reigning in the mobile app world for a while, it is growing dominant. You will notice more businesses rising to the occasion by incorporating artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning technology trend.

The banking and financial institutions have embraced this technology to enhance fraud analytics and remove vulnerabilities. In addition, the eCommerce industry has incorporated Artificial Intelligence to improve personalization and bolster customer support.

However, machine learning and deep learning enable the machines to act like humans and enhance their services.

On-Demand Mobile Apps

The need for convenience just doubled with the onset of the Pandemic. As a result, on-demand app solutions are growing popular to match convenience needs. For example, the on-demand solution for medicines helps customers get medicines within an hour at their doorstep.

Similarly, food and grocery services have also embraced on-demand with diverse models. The 10-minute delivery model is the latest, and people are still identifying new ways to speed up delivery without compromising the products or quality.

Focus on Mobile SecurityIT Security Policies and Procedures Manual

Information security is an essential consideration for mobile app developers, significantly when vulnerabilities increase and hackers eye your data. As a result, most developers are investing in full-proof security that can enhance experiences and help draw exceptional experiences.

Apple recently introduced passkeys in iCloud Chain, a feature that would lead to a future where passwords don’t exist. Instead, the new trend is to reimagine passwords and authentication to protect the data and the application.

Super Apps

Gone are the days when one app solved a single purpose. The super app culture is slowly crawling into the mobile app development space. Organizations slowly want to have several features in a single app.

A payment app is also the eCommerce solution for the business. Similarly, an eCommerce solution can become a payment app.

There are plenty of app ideas that you can convert into super apps. It will also benefit the customers, as they don’t need to download separate apps for the different functions; a single app is enough for all purposes.

An excellent example is Amazon, which is now your lending platform, eCommerce solution, and your payment gateway.

Mobile Entertainment

Video streaming, gaming, and even on-demand streaming are all in demand. You will notice that more gamers are streaming their sessions, which are being watched by people globally.

Entertainment has become on-demand and real-time. Whether it is gaming or series, there is an app for everything. In addition, more on-demand streaming apps are coming into existence.

It is the right time to put your media and entertainment app idea to work. Then finally, you can build an original and innovative solution that will garner attention.

Blockchain DevelopmentAccept Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrency, NFT, and Blockchain wallets give rise to more opportunities in this domain. Blockchain-based mobile apps will offer more security. It comes with tracking the assets and managing control over their start and end dates.

Technology is reshaping Ecommerce and this is especially good for digital products that come with expiry dates. Some of the places where Blockchain has already started showcasing its abilities include digital contracts, anti-piracy solutions, and better protection against fraud.

Ed-Tech Solutions

The E-learning segment has grown by leaps and bounds. A lot of mobile apps have made learning accessible. You will notice more opportunities in this segment in the coming year.

People are looking for interactive and game-based learning. The need for better knowledge and increased engagement will lead to more interactive app solutions.

Current Mobile App Industry Trends

With the growing number of apps on the app stores every day, you need to use these trends to stand out and make a difference. Your app idea is just the start; if you can convert it into an engaging solution, you will notice increased demand.

It is essential to know how you can use these trends for building an app for your business, marketing your app, and improving its functionality. So if you have any ideas or want to build a successful mobile app, contact a leading mobile app development company.

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