Lease-Buy Financial Analysis Worksheet Template | RC1070-1

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easily editable in ms wordLease-Buy Financial Analysis Worksheet Template

The Lease-Buy Financial Analysis Worksheet Template documents and explains overriding factors of the total cost result. The general guide for making lease/buy decisions should be the total cost and return on investment over the life of the equipment.

The CFO should request the information from the appropriate department manager to complete the RC1070-1 LEASE BUY FINANCIAL ANALYSIS when a lease or buy decision is required. The CFO should complete the Lease-Buy Financial Analysis Worksheet Template and review the information with the appropriate Department managers and together reach a lease-buy decision (alternate methods such as Net Present Value after tax may also be used).

As a result of any findings during the review process, the CFO should revise and improve the RC1070-1 LEASE BUY FINANCIAL ANALYSIS, as needed, to ensure accurate and relevant information is collected, recorded, and considered during the lease-buy decision process.

Lease-Buy Financial Analysis Worksheet TemplateLease-Buy Financial Analysis Worksheet Template Details

Pages: 01
Words: 112
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Finance
Category: Raising Capital
Procedure: Leasing Procedure RC1070
Type: Form




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