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Customer Service Manager Job Description Template Word


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The Customer Service Manager oversees all customer service contacts and disposition of problems and concerns. In addition, they coordinate and oversee factory repairs and field service personnel.

Customer service representatives interact with customers on behalf of the organization. They provide information about the organization’s products and services and respond to customer complaints. Some also take orders and process returns.


  • Receives customer contacts by telephone, fax, and letters and in person. Responds to all customer inquiries and complaints; provides technical assistance to customers; documents complaints on Complaint form and distributes to required staff; determines and implements appropriate disposition.
  • Responsible for guiding and supervising complaint resolution and verifying customer satisfaction.
  • Researches warranty information; determines and authorizes warranty coverage or customer charges for repairs as appropriate; inspects warranty parts replaced, maintains proper repair standards.
  • Provides technical assistance and training to all sales representatives and factory/field service personnel as needed.
  • Performs and oversees initial sale and customer service satisfaction surveys.
  • Reports quality or any other pertinent customer concerns to the Director of Quality and other management to diagnose and resolve, as appropriate.
  • Performs or assigns any other duties necessary related to customer service or to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Listen and respond to customers’ needs and concerns.
  • Provide information about products and services.
  • Take orders, determine charges, and oversee billing or payments.
  • Review or make changes to customer accounts.
  • Handle returns or complaints.
  • Record details of customer contacts and actions taken.
  • Research answers or solutions, as needed.
  • Refer customers to supervisors, managers, or others who can help.


Reports to Vice President of Production and Operations. Coordinates activities with the Directors of Quality, Sales, and Production; supervises factory service representatives and field service personnel.


The Customer Service Manager Job Description is mentioned in the following procedures:

Procedure ID and Name

Policies & Procedures Manual

QP1190 Customer Satisfaction ISO 9001 QMS
SL1050 Customer Service Sales & Marketing


A college degree is required; a major in business administration is preferred. Good communication skills and the ability to work well with people are essential. Leadership skills are beneficial.


Ability to communicate orally with customers, management, and other co-workers is crucial. Regular use of the telephone and e-mail for communication is essential. Sitting for extended periods is common. Hearing and vision within normal ranges is essential for normal conversations, to receive ordinary information and to prepare or inspect documents.

No heavy lifting is expected. Exertion of up to 10 lbs. of force occasionally may be required. Good manual dexterity for the use of common office equipment such as computer terminals, calculator, copiers, and FAX machines.


The job is performed indoors in a traditional office setting. Activities include extended periods of sitting and extensive work at a computer.


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