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easily editable in ms wordIT Systems Administration Procedure

The purpose of the IT Systems Administration Procedure is to define the system administrator’s (sys admin) tasks and responsibilities and to set up a process for reviewing and updating his or her responsibilities, as needed.

The IT Systems Administration Procedure promotes the achievement of your company’s goals and objectives, and it applies to all of your company’s IT systems. (6 pages, 980 words)

IT Systems Administration Responsibilities:

The Information Technology Systems Administrator is responsible for managing the day-to-day operation of the company’s computer (Information Technology) systems.

Information Technology Managers are responsible for reviewing and approving the company’s System Administration Plan and ensuring its proper implementation.

IT Systems Administration Definitions:

System Administrator – One whose primary job function is managing computer and network systems on behalf of another, such as an employer or client. Depending on the size of the organization, there may be several system administrators working on subsystems, reporting to an overall system administrator.

System administration – Activities that directly support the operation and integrity of computing systems, their use, and their intricacies. System administration activities may include but are not limited to: system installation, configuration, integration, maintenance, performance management, data management, security management, failure analysis and recovery, and user support. System administration is commonly known as “Sys Admin.”

IT Systems Administration ProcedureIT Systems Administration Procedure Activities

  • Planning IT System Administration
  • IT System Administration Plan
  • IT System Admin Planning Review
  • IT System Administration Plan Update

IT Systems Administration Procedure Forms



What does an IT systems administrator do?

The IT systems administrator is responsible for the installation, management, upkeep, and configuration of the computer systems and network in the company or organization.

Is it IT administrator or systems administrator?

The IT administrator and systems administrator are the same job. Along with those two titles they are also called sysadmins, computer administrators or network administrators. They are the ones responsible for keeping the IT systems running, adding users, and allocating IT resources.

What does it take to be a system administrator?

Most companies are looking for an individual with a bachelor’s degree in computer science along with certifications from companies that are used within the company or organization. It’s possible to get a job as a systems administrator with an associate degree, certifications only, or in smaller companies, by just proving your knowledge and value to the person hiring.


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