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easily editable in ms wordIT Information Storage Plan Template

Information Technology Managers should oversee development and implementation of an IT Information Storage Plan Template that ensures data availability, confidentiality, and integrity. ITSD103-1 INFORMATION STORAGE PLAN should also:

  • Enable rapid and full recovery from natural or manmade disasters;
  • Ensure company compliance with industry standards and/or legal & regulatory requirements for data storage; and
  • Allow efficient, cost-effective data management.

Information Technology Managers should design the IT Information Storage Plan Template, with the assistance of the Information Technology Storage Librarian. Information Technology Managers should submit the Information Storage Plan to Top Management for its review and approval. Upon approval of the Plan, Information Technology Managers should communicate the Plan to the Information Technology Storage Librarian and should arrange for training, as needed.

Information Technology Managers should periodically (annually, at a minimum) meet with the Information Technology Storage Librarian to review the Information Storage Plan and determine its continuing suitability and conformity to company requirements and to ensure that data are retrievable and not in danger of loss due to technology changes.

IT Information Storage Plan TemplateIT Information Storage Plan Template Details

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Procedure: IT Media Storage Procedure ITSD103
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