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Quality Assurance should use the Inspection Testing Checklist AS Template to inspect company products in accordance with requirements, to verify the quality and conformity of parts and gauge the effectiveness of the design, development, and production processes. The QA Manager should fill out AS1150-1 INSPECTION/TESTING CHECKLIST for the part to be inspected, based on inspection requirements, key characteristics, and assign the inspection. The QA Manager should include a detailed description/explanation of the inspection (see section 4 of AS1150-1) and attach relevant inspection records, etc., as needed.

Depending on the nature, composition, and complexity of some items – and possibly due to customer or other requirements – they will require inspection for the presence of foreign objects (Foreign Object Detection, or FOD).  If FOD is required, this must be included on the Aerospace Inspection/Testing Checklist (see section 3, AS1150-1). The inspector should inspect the item (part, component, etc.) for conformance to all requirements stated on the AS1150-1, checking the box in the “I” (inspected) column after each requirement. If the inspector tests for conformance, the “T” (tested) column must be checked. If the item fails to meet a requirement, the inspector should indicate in the “Comments” section which of the listed requirements was not met (referencing the requirement number on the form) and include an explanation. The inspector/tester should sign and date the AS1150-1, indicating whether the part passed or failed inspection/tests, and submit the checklist to the QA Manager. The QA Manager should review the checklist with Production, to determine whether to continue with production.

AS1150-1 Inspection-Testing ChecklistInspection Testing Checklist AS Template Details

Pages: 02
Words: 144
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Aerospace
Procedure: Manufacturing Procedure AS9100 AS1150
Type: Checklist


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