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easily-editable-in-ms-wordBYOD Policy & Acknowledgement Template

All employees should receive a copy of ITSD109-1 COMPANY BYOD POLICY ACKNOWLEDGEMENT. Upon reviewing the document, each employee should sign and date their copy of the acknowledgement and return it to Human Resources. Employees should keep a copy of this document for themselves. The BYOD Policy & Acknowledgement Template covers BYOD and the company, BYOD guidelines, and employee acknowledgment.

At regular intervals (annually, at a minimum), the IT Manager should review the company’s BYOD policy to see if it continues to meet company and other requirements (legal/regulatory, etc.). If the BYOD policy does not adequately address company and other requirements, the IT Managers should convene the Policy Committee for the purpose of implementing revisions to the policy. Where the policy does not meet requirements, the Policy Committee should revise the policy as needed and communicate the revised policy to the IT Manager, who is responsible for its implementation and distribution.

BYOD Policy & Acknowledgement TemplateBYOD Policy & Acknowledgement Template Details

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