Why Use a Technology Recruitment Agency?

Why Use a Technology Recruitment Agency?

Staffing and technology recruitment for short term hires can be difficult, take a long time, and lead to costly recruitment mistakes. There are alternatives that save time. Why use a technology recruitment agency?

5 Benefits of Using a Specialist Technology Recruitment Agency for Short-Term Hires

Are you looking for short-term hires for tech projects in Dubai? Have you considered how much easier it would be to hand over recruitment to specialist technology recruitment servicesHere’s why. 

Easy Access to High-Caliber Candidateshire great engineers

The role of a specialist technology recruitment agency is to connect you with the best technology talent from across the globe, with utmost ease and on time. If you are looking for temporary or contract-to-hire talent, these agencies can provide the solution. Both on-site and remote work are covered, too.

By using a large, specialist technology agency with a great reach, your post will be viewed by thousands of relevant people across the globe. Those who are available to work either remotely or in Dubai as appropriate are encouraged to apply. Often, thousands of candidates do so. The very best agencies then use AI technology to search their pool of talent for the ideal candidates for your roles. This means that the whole process is efficient and fast. 

Fast Candidates

Short-term positions are usually time-critical and need to be filled quickly. Recruitment agencies can have candidates ready to work exceptionally fast. As already explained, a candidate can be swiftly selected from a pool of highly qualified and experienced talent. If the candidate is already in the UAE and available, they can be working with you in as little as one or two working days.

A candidate approval needs to be granted by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). This takes one to three days, depending on the nationality of the candidate. Once it is received, the candidate can begin work immediately. 

For candidates coming from outside the UAE, it takes only a little longer. A temporary visa needs to be acquired, which takes around one working week and travel arrangements need to be made. However, you could have an international recruit working with you within a fortnight. 

Visa Processing is Handled for YouNew Employee Hiring

Your chosen agency should be able to arrange visas of one of the following types. The first is the standard UAE mainland two-year visa. Candidates eligible for this visa may arrive in the country on a 60-day probationary work e-visa. This means they can begin work while the application for the two-year employment and residency visa is processed. 

The second option is better suited to very short-term hires. It’s a three-month mission visa for candidates outside the UAE only. This visa is granted for short-term, specific projects and is designed to be ultra-efficient and quick to organize.

While workers are treated as probationary workers under this visa, it cannot be used as a probationary or stop-gap visa as above. This is because a longer-term visa application cannot be made without canceling the mission visa. Candidates must leave the UAE at the end of the three months and they also cannot leave early without automatic cancellation of the visa.

The final option is the three-year TECOM visa that enables work in this Dubai Technology, E-commerce and Media (TECOM) Freezone only. Your agency can ensure that the right visa choice is made as appropriate to the chosen candidate and your post. All the paperwork will be handled, too, so there is little you need to take care of.  

Recruitment Process is Cost-EfficientGrowing International

The financial burden of recruitment can be high. If the recruitment process is handled internally, then it will cost many working hours and associated salary costs. There are other expenses to consider as well such as advertising and job board fees as well as investment in technology and software needed for recruitment purposes. 

Specialist recruitment services present a cost-effective alternative. They often work on one of two models. The first is a fixed billing structure. This would mean that the client is billed a fixed sum each month for the duration of the candidate’s contract, regardless of whether they are taking the annual or sick leave that they are entitled to. UAE labor law entitles all employees to statutory benefits in this respect.

Alternatively, after discussion with the agency, you might agree to a ‘consultant’ pricing structure. This means that you would only be invoiced when the candidate is on-site and working.

Ongoing Professional Working Relationship

Specialist agencies have an in-depth understanding of the sector and what businesses in this field require from their staff. They know exactly what skills, expertise and level of experience you require to get the job done.

Communication with your chosen recruitment consultants does not stop when the candidate arrives at your door. Over time, you can benefit from the agency’s growing and deepening understanding of your business and its needs. In other words, the more you use an agency, the more honed the recruitment process will be.

Use a Technology Recruitment Agency

Look forward to the ideal candidates for every role created being in post quickly and with minimal burden to your existing staff by using a specialist technology recruitment company. 

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