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easily editable in ms wordInternet Email Acceptable Use Procedure

The Internet Email Acceptable Use Procedure defines procedures for access to the Internet through your company’s network infrastructure. The acceptable use policy delineates specific standards regarding the use of email on your company’s computers.

The Internet Email Acceptable Use Procedure applies to all personnel with access to the Internet, e-mail, and related services through your company’s network infrastructure. (6 pages, 1695 words)

LAN, MIS, SPAM, and TCP/IP are abbreviations used throughout this policy. What exactly do they mean?

  • LAN – Abbreviation for Local Area Network, which refers to the cabling, servers, routers, hubs, switches, workstations, and other network equipment used to distribute and control access to information and/or the Internet by all employees.
  • MIS – Abbreviation for Management Information Systems, which refers to all computer, technology and information assets of the company.
  • SPAM – Unauthorized e-mail or other electronic messages that is typically distributed in large quantities.
  • TCP/IP – Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol refers to the IEEE Standard for transmitting data across network.

Internet Email Acceptable Use Responsibilities:

Information Services Manager is responsible for managing and administrating network access, security, and usage reporting.

Human Resources Manager is responsible for training, and explaining the network access, security, and usage policies to each new employee.

Users are required to acknowledge receipt and understanding of guidelines contained in this document. Users who violate the provisions outlined in this document are subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination. In addition, any inappropriate use that involves a criminal offense will result in legal action.

Internet Email Acceptable Use ProcedureInternet Email Acceptable Use Procedure Activities

  • Acceptable Use
  • Inappropriate Use (Unacceptable Use)
  • Internet and E-mail Etiquette
  • Internet Security
  • User Compliance

Internet Email Acceptable Use Procedure Forms



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