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easily editable in ms wordFSMS Product Recall Procedure

The FSMS Product Recall Procedure outlines the process for responding to a recall of potentially unsafe Company product. The procedure also helps prevent or minimize the possible harm to the consumer from the recalled product. It applies to all recalled products and their associated processes. (8 pages, 2002 words)

What exactly does recall mean? Recall is when you remove a food product from the market because it may cause health problems or possible death. Food manufacturers or distributors typically issue recalls, which may be based on internal or external findings (e.g., consumer complaints). A product recall may also be known as a “product withdrawal”.

A third-party audit of the recall process should be conducted at regular intervals to verify that the process is properly documented and is communicated to all employees, that it is (capable of being) implemented consistently, meets the necessary requirements, and is monitored and measured.

FSMS Product Recall Responsibilities:

The Food Safety Team Leader with the food safety team is responsible for initiating and overseeing product recalls and ensuring their adequate implementation and effectiveness.

The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for determining the scope of the recall and segregation and testing of recalled product to determine proper disposition.

The Public Relations Manager is responsible for communicating information on company product recalls to regulatory authorities and to the customer/consumer.

All Production Personnel are responsible for identifying nonconformities which could result in product recalls and for cooperating with the Food Safety Team Leader in the recall effort.

The Accounting Manager is responsible for documenting reimbursable costs connected with any product recall and for reimbursing such costs, where applicable.

FSMS Product Recall ProcedureFSMS Product Recall Procedure Activities

  • Product Recall Initiation
  • Product Recall Communications
  • Handling Recalled Product
  • Review of Product Recall Process

FSMS Product Recall Procedure Forms




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