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easily-editable-in-ms-wordFSMS Receiving Inspection Report Template

Receiving should complete part I of the FSMS Receiving Inspection Report Template after they have unpacked each shipment, counted all items, and matched items to the packing list at the appropriate receiving area. Receiving shall inspect the shipment for conformance to specific inspection requirements listed on the PO and for conformance to Company requirements.  If different materials are included in the shipment, each will be segregated and inspected accordingly.  Receiving shall complete part II of the FS1110-2 RECEIVING AND INSPECTION REPORT. The Food Inspector shall conduct inspections of incoming food and food ingredients in accordance with controlling federal, state, and local regulations.

Any quantity discrepancies will be noted on the packing list or Food Safety Receiving and Inspection Report, which shall be signed and forwarded to Purchasing.  Purchasing shall follow up with the vendor to resolve the shipping discrepancy. If there is a nonconformity other than quantity (e.g., broken outer carton), the suspect goods shall be handled in accordance with FS1150   CONTROL OF NONCONFORMING PRODUCT.  Goods rejected by the Inspector shall be disposed of in accordance with controlling statutes/regulations. The Food Safety Team Leader shall review all rejections, complete Part III of FS1110-2 RECEIVING AND INSPECTION REPORT, and forward the FS1110-2 with the packing list to Purchasing.

Goods found to be in conformance or suitable for their intended use and accepted by the Food Inspector shall be moved to the appropriate storage area by Receiving.  The Food Safety Team Leader may note on the FS1110-2 report the justification for any materials accepted and shall forward the FS1110-2 with the packing list to Purchasing.

FDS1110-2 Receiving and Inspection ReportFSMS Receiving Inspection Report Template Details

Pages: 02
Words: 122
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: ISO 22000
Procedure: FSMS Receiving Inspection Procedure FDS1110
Type: Report

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