What 4 Trends are Shaping HR?

What 4 Trends are Shaping HR?

Human Resources is an important part of every business. They handle a variety of tasks that range from recruiting and helping hire new employees, to ensure company policies are updated. However, the industry is changing, just like nearly every industry on the planet. What 4 Trends are Shaping HR?

Four Trends Shaping HR

There are some major trends that could shake up the HR space in the near future. From a greater focus on technology, to engaging employees, trends are sure to shape the future of HR in a big way. Without any further ado, let’s look at a couple of different trends that could play a huge role in shaping HR.

An Increase in OutsourcingHR Outsourcing

One trend for 2020 that we can already see materializing is an increase in HR outsourcing. The outsourcing market is growing steadily and shows no signs of slowing down. There are many different benefits of outsourcing that companies can enjoy. These include easy access to great expertise, cost reduction, time savings and several others.

With HR often being a fairly intensive and potentially mundane business area, it is a perfect candidate for outsourcing. By outsourcing your HR to a third-party company, you will save a lot of time, and likely a lot of money. Doing so will free up many employees to focus on more complex matters within your company, as well. Also, because these third-party companies specialize in HR, they will ensure you are always compliant.

HR Will Continue to Become More Technological 

Technology has had a monumental impact on business and nearly every area of a company. While HR is traditional focused on people, technology still plays a massive role there. The role of technology in HR will only grow.

Technology can help HR improve in a number of different ways. Automation can speed up time consuming tasks, make mundane duties a thing of the past and manage data while also extracting a ton of analytics from it at the same time. Another exciting technological innovation in HR are applicant tracking systems (also known as ATS).

These can help HR departments manage and process a large number of resumes, organize them and essentially streamline the entire process. Find more about software for recruiting here and learn about the benefits of ATS. These are just some of the many things that are on the technological horizon for HR in the near future.

Greater Corporate Wellness Initiatives

With millennials and younger workers quickly representing a bulk of the workforce, the wants and needs of employees are changing. In particular, younger employees want different benefits than their parents did. One of the most sought after are better corporate wellness initiatives, such as access to fitness centers, employee assistance programs, healthy snacks, access to mental health services and others.

Offering better corporate wellness initiatives will be a trend for HR teams in many different industries. If your company doesn’t provide the support and options that modern workers want, they aren’t afraid to leave for somewhere that does. Workers are more empowered than ever, and HR departments need to be sure to keep that in mind.

Ensuring Equality For EveryoneHuman Resources HR Policy Procedure Manual

Unfortunately, many companies still struggle with equality among their employees. Whether this is a predominantly male work force or a team that is primarily made up of Caucasian workers, there isn’t always a lot of diversity. While this isn’t solely the fault of HR departments, they need to do their part to ensure equality for everyone. As a result, look for the strive for equality to be a large trend in HR.

Diverse teams are often more profitable and the different life experiences and cultures can often help foster more creativity within your company. Going forward into 2020 and beyond, it will be important for HR departments to keep diversity in mind. Companies need to offer the same opportunity for all races and genders to succeed.

Trends That are Shaping HR

In conclusion, HR is a space that goes through a lot of trends and the future will be no different. We hope this article has helped show you some of the trends that will shape HR.

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