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The Donations Solicitation Procedure helps avoid jeopardizing philanthropic efforts, the agency’s purchasing procedures, or donor’s interests.

Donor solicitations of businesses and individuals should be made in accordance with ethical business and fund raising practices. Appeals to vendors and businesses with the potential for having a future commercial relationship with the institution will be made in the spirit of philanthropy with no overt or implied promise of future business or threat of withdrawal of business.

Purchasing and development functions within the agency will remain completely separate. This agency will not enter into an agreement with any agency, person, company, or organization on any matter — whether it is investment, management, sale, or other interest — which would knowingly jeopardize or compromise the donor’s interests.

The Solicitation of Donations Procedure applies to all types of fund raising programs and for all solicitation of funds from private individuals, foundations, businesses, corporations, and organizations. (4 pages, 1,184 words)

Donations Solicitation ProcedureDonations Solicitation Procedure Activities

  • Donor Contributions
  • Donor Record Keeping
  • Foundation Requests
  • Corporate Soliciations
  • Agency Representation by Volunteers and Employees



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