The Importance of an Updated Fire Safety Manual In Any Workplace

An updated fire safety manual will be clear, easily accessible, and familiar to all employees, and it should cover the protocol for preventing fire and dealing with it in the event that a fire occurs.

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What Is a Policies and Procedures Manual?
September 2, 2020 - Writing Procedure Manuals

Your policies and procedures manual is your company best practices, process descriptions, and standards for how work is expected to be performed

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Why Use Policies and Procedures Manuals?
August 1, 2020 - Writing Procedure Manuals

Competitors may be able to match us on a few of the top ten reasons, but no company can match or beat Bizmanualz on all ten.

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How to Write Authoritative SOP Manuals
June 29, 2020 - Writing Procedure Manuals

Research has found that if a manual or piece of training material is written in a non-authoritative style, the reader will likely not trust what has been written and often abandon what they are reading. How do your write authoritative SOP manuals?

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