Malware and Cyber Threats Security Procedure | SIT104

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Malware and Cyber Threats Procedure

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The Malware and Cyber Threats Procedure protects the Information Technology assets from infection by malicious software, or malware. The Malware and Cyber Threats Security Procedure prevents data loss, corruption, or misuse of Company computing resources or information that may occur when malware is introduced to the Company Information Technology network.

Malware and Cyber Threats Responsibilities

The Information Technology Security Manager is responsible for implementing malware control procedures, training LAN Administrators and other Information Systems Department personnel, training users on computer malware control, and evaluating and updating appropriate computer malware detection software.

The LAN Administrator is responsible for coordinating actions required to prevent computer malware outbreaks, coordinating all actions required to eradicate the malware, and recovering data to the greatest extent possible.

The Tech Support Manager is responsible for installing and maintaining malware protection on Information Technology assets and for cleaning malware infections from Company applications, devices, etc.

Users are responsible for following the guidelines of this policy document and for immediately notifying the Information Technology Security Manager in the event a malware attack is suspected.

Malware and Cyber Threats Procedure Activities

  • Malware Defense Planning
  • Malware Defense Plan
  • Malware Defense Plan Review
  • Malware Defense Plan Update

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