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Procedural Security Procedure

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The Procedural Security Procedure defines the process for the protection of facilities, material assets, and records. The Procedural Security Procedure describes the Security Program’s process.

Procedural Security Responsibilities

Security Director – will designate one person to be responsible for changing passwords and recording the information. The Security Director will work with the Systems Administrator to ensure that an effective Computer Security Program is developed and implemented.

Software Programmers – will ensure that the programs they generate are kept secure and not made available to anyone designated to receive the program.

Computer Operators – will ensure that data is entered appropriately and accurately.

Systems Administrator – The Systems Administrator will work with the Security Director to develop and implement an effective Computer Security Program.

Procedural Security Procedure Activities

  • Storage Requirements
  • Mailing Classified Information
  • Telephone Communications
  • Data Security
  • Implementation And Review

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