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Cybersecurity Plan Procedure

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The Cybersecurity Plan Procedure protects the confidentiality and integrity of Company information while maintaining appropriate levels of accessibility. The Cybersecurity Plan Procedure provides an overview of the security requirements of the Company’s Information Technology system and network, to describe the controls in place or planned to meet those requirements, and to delineate the responsibilities and expected behavior of all individuals who access the system.

Cybersecurity Plan Responsibilities

The Information Technology Security Manager is responsible for preparing and developing the Information Technology Security Plan and implementation schedule, implementing the Plan and any updates, and monitoring and periodic reporting on the Plan.

Information Technology Managers are responsible for establishing and periodically convening the Security Review Committee, advising the Information Technology Security Manager regarding the development of the Plan, coordinating with Human Resources Management to provide user training, and verifying the implementation of updates to the Plan.

The Security Review Committee is responsible for periodic review and updates and for final approval of the Information Technology Security Plan.

Cybersecurity Plan Procedure Activities

  • Preparing The Cybersecurity Plan
  • Developing The Cybersecurity Plan
  • Implementing The Cybersecurity Plan
  • Cybersecurity Plan Review
  • Cybersecurity Plan Update

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