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Cybersecurity Incident Handling Procedure

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The Cybersecurity Incident Handling Procedure explains the steps to promptly report, investigate, and resolve all incidents that are or may be a threat to secure and effective Information Technology operations and the network. The Cybersecurity Incident Handling Security Procedure details the policy and procedure for reporting any actual or suspected Information Technology security incident; to address security issues related to the safety, confidentiality, availability, and integrity of information maintained on the Company’s Information Technology systems.

Cybersecurity Incident Handling Responsibilities

The Incident Response Handling Team is responsible for investigating actual or suspected Information Technology incidents, resolving such incidents, and reporting on incident responses.

The Help Desk is responsible for reporting potential security incidents to the Information Technology Security Manager.

The Human Resources Manager is responsible for facilitating the training of the Incident Response Team.

Information Technology Managers are responsible for reviewing Cybersecurity Incidents, reports, and their handling.

The Information Technology Security Manager is responsible for developing the Information Technology Incident Handling Plan, building an Incident Response Team, assigning incidents to the IRT for resolution, reporting incidents and responses to the Security Review Committee, and updating the Information Technology Incident Handling Plan, as needed.

The Security Review Committee is responsible for periodic review and updates and final approval of Information Technology Incident Handling.  The committee should consist of the Information Technology Security Manager, Information Technology Managers, Human Resources Manager, and a member of the Help Desk.

Cybersecurity Incident Handling Procedure Activities

  • Cybersecurity Incident Handling Preparation
  • Cybersecurity Incident Handling
  • Cybersecurity Incident Handling Review

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