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easily editable in wordMarketing Document Control Procedure

The Marketing Document Control Procedure defines methods and responsibilities for controlling documents used to provide work direction or set policy. The Marketing Document Control Procedure also defines methods for document revision, approval, and distribution to ensure that everyone in the sales and marketing department is working according to identical and up-to-date collateral, procedures and guidelines.

The Marketing Document Control Procedure applies to all documents required by sales and marketing both of internal and external origin. (14 pages, 2783 words)

Marketing Document Control Responsibilities:

Document Control is responsible for controlling all Sales & Marketing procedures and instructions, as well as all internal and external documents required by Sales & Marketing.

The Marketing Manager and the Sales Manager are responsible for ensuring that the latest versions of relevant documents are available at the point of use, that documents are legible, and that they are understood and followed. They are also responsible for reviewing and responding to document change requests in a timely manner.

The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for ensuring that documents conform to applicable standards.

Top Management is responsible for reviewing requests and giving final approval to sales and Marketing documents and procedures.

Marketing Document Control Definitions:

Controlled document – Document that provides information or direction for performance of work and is part of a controlled document system. Characteristics of control include such things as revision number/letter, signatures to indicate review and approval, and controlled distribution.

Controlled document system – Group of independent, but interrelated, elements that serves to control the development, issuance, capture, revision, versioning, and integrity of documents; also known as a “document control system” or “document management system.”

Deming cycle – Named for W. Edwards Deming, who recommended placing business processes in a continuous feedback loop, or cycle, so that managers could identify and change the part(s) of the process that need improvement. Deming thought that business processes should be analyzed and measured to identify sources of variation that cause products to deviate from customer requirements.

Document – Information and its supporting medium; the medium may be paper, magnetic, electronic, optical, photograph, or a sample of the company’s product.

External Document – Document originating outside the company that provides information or direction for performing activities (e.g., artwork, catalog, software instruction manual).

Marketing Document Control ProcedureMarketing Document Control Procedure Activities

  • Procedure Format
  • Work Instructions (WI)
  • Forms
  • Sales Collateral
  • Document Approval
  • Temporary Document Changes
  • Document Revisions
  • External Documents
  • Document Distribution
  • Document/Collateral Review

Marketing Document Control Procedure References

  • 21 CFR Part 11
  • Public Law #106-229, Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (USA)
  • Statutory Instrument 2002 No.318, Electronic Signatures Regulations 2002 (UK)
  • Public Company Accounting Reform and Investor Protection Act of 2002

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