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Software Programming Standards Procedure | ITSW105

ITSW105 Software Programming Standards Procedure

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easily editable in ms wordSoftware Programming Standards Procedure

The purpose of the Software Programming Standards Procedure is to effectively and efficiently carry out plans of the software designer. The Software Programming Standards Procedure will help you meet your company’s standards for user interface, program structure, system interface, toolset and configuration.

The Software Programming Standards Procedure applies to all software products and updates released by the company. (6 pages, 1064 words)

Members of the software development department should create basic programming standards, to be followed in programming all of the company’s software.  The company encourages all programmers to participate in setting these standards: welcoming programmers’ input encourages teamwork and often makes programmers more willing to follow the standards.

Software Programming Standards Responsibilities:

The Software Designer is responsible for transforming the system requirements developed by the systems analyst into programming instructions and communicating the overall design approach to the team.

The Software Programmer is responsible for reviewing the programming instructions created by the software designer and using those instructions to design each software component.

Software Programming Standards ProcedureSoftware Programming Standards Procedure Activities

  • Programming Standards
  • Programming Tasks
  • Software Development
  • Programming Reviews

Software Programming Standards Procedure References

  • ISO/IEC 12207:1995- Information Technology-Software Life-Cycle Processes
  • IEEE/EIA 12207.0-Standard Industry Implementation of International Standard ISO/IEC 12207:1995

Software Programming Standards Procedure Forms


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