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easily editable in ms wordNetwork Infrastructure Standards Procedure

The Network Infrastructure Standards Procedure defines specific standards regarding the installation of your company’s network infrastructure, including cabling and equipment. The Network Infrastructure Standards Procedure ensures maximum safety, capacity and efficiency in network infrastructure engineering and installation.

The network standards apply to all your company’s Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Local Area Networks (LAN) and all infrastructure support devices attached to those networks. (12 pages, 2943 words)

Network Infrastructure Standards Responsibilities:

The Network Manager is responsible for the design, installation, and management of the company network infrastructure. The network manager will be responsible for the coordination of all aspects of the cable plant installation. In addition, the network manager will be the approval authority for the coordination of any additional adds, moves, or changes to the company network infrastructure.

The LAN Administrator is responsible for the installation and operation of the LAN and WAN equipment and software installed within their LAN. The LAN Administrator will coordinate with the Telecommunications manager for all issues related to corporate WAN Links or other Telecommunications equipment such as telephones as associated systems. The LAN Administrator will coordinate all adds, moves, or other changes with the Network Manager.

The Telecommunications Manager is responsible for the installation of TCP/IP and operation of all company WAN circuits and associated support equipment. The Telecommunications Manager will provide direction to the LAN Administrator regarding the operation, configuration and troubleshooting of all WAN equipment. In addition, the Telecommunications Manager will be responsible for the installation, operation and troubleshooting of all company voice, fax and video communications systems.

The Tech Support Manager is responsible for installing and maintaining network infrastructure in accordance with Network Infrastructure standards.

Network Infrastructure Standards ProcedureNetwork Infrastructure Standards Procedure Activities

  • Network Standards Development
  • Network Standards Implementation
  • Network Standards Review

Network Infrastructure Standards Procedure References

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Standard 802-Standard for Local and Metropolitan Area Networks

Network Infrastructure Standards Procedure Forms



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