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Executive Protection Program Procedure

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Executive Protection Program is a comprehensive program designed to protect corporate executives, high-profile individuals, and other essential personnel from physical harm, threats, and other security concerns. The services may include security assessments, travel security planning, personnel training, and physical security measures. The program may consist of event security, cyber security, intelligence gathering, and specialized services to protect executives and other personnel from harm.

Executive Protection Program Security Procedure ensure that a program is developed to provide executive protection from physical harm, threats, and other security concerns.  Executive Protection Program Security Procedure describes special protective measures available to company executives, and other employees if required. The program includes services and strategies tailored to meet the needs of the organization or individual. The protection guidelines and routines are designed to reduce or eliminate risks to executives and their families.

Executive Protection Program Responsibilities

The Chief Security Officer (CSO) shall identify the individuals who are most critical to the continuity of the Company’s business and establish a security baseline and measures to protect them.

Security Director – will develop, implement and administer an Executive Protection Program available to appropriate persons within the company.

Executive Protection Program Procedure Activities


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