Workplace Safety Self-Inspection Checklist Template | CMP101-2

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easily editable in ms wordWorkplace Safety Self-Inspection Checklist Template

The Workplace Safety Self-Inspection Checklist Template covers employer posting, safety and health program, recordkeeping, medical services/first aid, and more. Within thirty days after the end of each calendar year, the Safety Coordinator should work in conjunction with each department or project manager to conduct a thorough self-inspection in order to identify any potential safety hazards. The Safety Coordinator in conjunction with each manager, should complete the CMP101-2 WORKSITE SAFETY SELF-INSPECTION CHECKLIST.

Each item on the checklist should be reviewed and checked in the affirmative (if it can be answered) or marked “not applicable”. For negative responses, a brief description of the problem or concern should be forwarded to the Safety Coordinator. If, during the inspection, additional items or concerns are discussed, they should also be forwarded to the Safety Coordinator to update the Workplace Safety Action Plan. In addition to the checklist, the Safety Coordinator and each project manager should review OSHA’s General Industry Standards for additional items or areas that may not be addressed by the checklist.

Workplace Safety Self-Inspection Checklist TemplateWorkplace Safety Self-Inspection Checklist Template Details

Pages: 17
Words: 6094
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Human Resources
Category: Compliance
Procedure: Workplace Safety Procedure OSHA CMP101
Type: Checklist

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