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Streamline Your Training Process with the Training Plan Template Word


Are you tired of disorganized and ineffective training sessions? Look no further than the Training Plan Template Word from Bizmanualz. This comprehensive template is designed to help you create a structured and efficient training plan for your organization.

The Training Plan Template Word includes everything you need to develop a successful training program, including a customizable outline, training schedule, and evaluation forms. With this template, you can easily identify training goals, create a timeline for training sessions, and track progress and results.

One of the key benefits of the Training Plan Template Word is its flexibility. Whether you are training new employees, introducing new processes, or updating existing skills, this template can be tailored to meet your specific needs. You can easily add or remove sections, adjust timelines, and customize evaluation forms to fit your organization’s unique requirements.

Another advantage of the Training Plan Template Word is its ease of use. The template is designed to be user-friendly, with clear instructions and prompts to guide you through the process. You don’t need to be a training expert to create a successful training plan with this template.

Overall, the Training Plan Template Word is an essential tool for any organization looking to improve its training process. With its comprehensive features, flexibility, and ease of use, this template can help you streamline your training program and achieve better results.

Training Plan Template

The Human Resources Manager should develop a Training Plan that supports and advances the company’s strategy. DEV101-1 TRAINING PLAN should address long and short-range needs, with clearly stated objectives, and a direct relationship to the company’s mission and goals. It should begin with new employee orientation and continue throughout an employee’s tenure. The Training Plan Template should outline the requirements for addressing:

  • The company’s job requirements.
  • Professional development needs.
  • New theories, techniques, and technologies.
  • Each department’s philosophy, purpose, values, and initiatives.
  • Applicable standards, statutory requirements, or the standards of recognized professional associations.
  • The amount of time and money required for all training and development programs.
  • The effectiveness of all training and development programs.

The Human Resources Manager should survey the training needs of all departments each year in order to update the Training Plan. Training and development needs may be identified through performance evaluations, quality assurance processes, or entity goals and objectives. The survey should identify weaknesses within the company that may be resolved through staff training and development.

Training Plan TemplateTraining Plan Template Details

Pages: 02

Words: 537

Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)

Language: English

Manual: Human Resources

Category: Development

Procedure: Training Development Management Procedure DEV101

Type: Guide



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