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Employee Absence Request Template | COM102-1

COM102-1 Employee Absence Request Template | COM102-1 Bizmanualz 1

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easily editable in ms wordEmployee Absence Request Template

Except for illnesses or emergencies, employees are expected to inform their supervisor and the company of any planned absence away from work. The employee should complete and forward an Employee Absence Request Template to their supervisor for approval. COM102-1 ABSENCE REQUEST FORM covers the exact dates, hours, and what the absence is to be taken as (paid time off, unpaid time off, etc.).

Employees are expected to give as much advance notice as possible, especially for extended absences to allow the supervisor and the company to coordinate and reassign work responsibilities. All requests for absences greater than two consecutive weeks are discouraged and will be evaluated under each circumstance and in compliance with federal and state laws and approved accordingly. When allowed, supervisors may request employees to reschedule their planned time off if it causes conflicts with production schedules, workforce shortages, etc.

The company grants ten paid holidays per year to qualifying permanent employees. The company also recognizes that employees need a scheduled time away from normal work duties for their personal well-being, therefore annual vacation with pay will be granted to full-time employees who meet the service requirements. Employees should attempt to stagger their vacations in an effort to avoid affecting production.

Employee Absence Request TemplateEmployee Absence Request Template Details

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Manual: Human Resources
Category: Compensation
Procedure: Paid Unpaid Leave Procedure COM102
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