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Chemical storage areas, such as the one on the FSMS Storage Map Template, should be adequately separated from food preparation and food storage areas. FS1050-4 STORAGE MAP EXAMPLE covers the placement of the chemical storage area in relation to the cutting/packing room, cooler, cleaning/maintenance area, and more.

All cleaning/sanitation chemicals should be stored in well-ventilated areas and in their original labeled containers. If chemicals are temporarily placed in other than their original containers (i.e., dispensed from a gallon jug into a half-liter spray bottle for ease of use), the other container must be clearly labeled to prevent mixing of incompatible chemicals.

Non-disposable cloths, when used in the sanitation program, must be cleaned and disinfected before every use. Brushes must be inspected before each use to ensure bristles are not loose. Hoses are fitted with valves (nozzles) to prevent water from entering; when not in use, hoses are evacuated and stored off the floor, rolled up to prevent stagnant water from accumulating inside.

FSMS Storage Map TemplateFSMS Storage Map Template Details

Pages: 02
Words: 17
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: ISO 22000
Procedure: FSMS Prerequisite Programs Procedure FDS1050
Type: Guide

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