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easily editable in ms wordStock Offering Plan Template

The CFO should record actions, results, and notes from executing the stock offering process in the Stock Offering Plan Template. The CFO, with Top Management’s help, should create a detailed plan (in the form of a checklist or action plan) for executing the stock offering. The CFO, Top Management, and other involved Managers should meet to review the stock offering process after its completion to ensure all activities are closed and to document lessons learned and other useful information.

The CFO is responsible for documenting the stock offering plan and schedule in Section I of the RC1040-1 STOCK OFFERING PLAN and note the responsible person, department, or entity for carrying out particular actions, as well as the date actions are completed. The CFO, with input from Top Management and approval of the Board of Directors, complete Section II of theStock Offering Plan Template with the goals of the stock offering and note the actual results when the stock offering is complete.

At the completion of the stock offering process, the CFO, Top Management, and other involved Managers will meet to review the stock offering process and the information recorded in RC1040-1 STOCK OFFERING PLAN and make improvements as needed.

Stock Offering Plan TemplateStock Offering Plan Template Details

Pages: 07
Words: 228
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Finance
Category: Raising Capital
Procedure: Stock Offerings Procedure RC1040
Type: Form


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