The Bizmanualz Disaster Recovery Manual provides in-depth coverage of disaster planning concepts. The manual includes an introduction to the disaster planning process, a disaster recovery plan, a step-by-step action plan, and a free guide to workplace violence along with sample forms, procedures and training information that cover the primary management activities.

“Disaster Recovery is not a major concern of business managers — until it happens to you,” explains Chris Anderson, Managing Director of Bizmanualz, Inc. “Executives and managers really appreciate the ability to easily revise prewritten sample plans, policies, procedures & forms instead of having to research the information themselves.”

Disaster Recovery ComboDisaster Recovery Manual

Bizmanualz Disaster Recovery Manual provides a quick and easy method to design and document business personnel processes using prewritten MS-WORD files that contain sample policies, procedures & forms.

“Every day a disaster occurs affecting someone’s business, its employees, customers, and the livelihood of the owners. It is unfortunately far more widespread than people realize and insurance doesn’t begin to cover the complete impact from a disaster,” explains Ken Underhill, Vice President of Bizmanualz, Inc. “We’re showing people how a simple $595 investment can noticeably prevent tens of thousands, if not millions, in losses.”

Bizmanualz also offers individual department manuals for: Accounting, Human Resources, ISO 9001 Quality, Disaster Recovery, Security, Finance, Sales & Marketing, and Computer & IT. All of Bizmanualz Policies & Procedures products combine a printed manual with easily editable MS-WORD documents on CD. Each product provides prewritten policies, procedures and forms that enable executives to create and maintain internal controls for all the departments in their business. They are available through Amazon and the company’s website. Retail, affiliate or dealer programs are also available.