How Do You Write a Strong Press Release?

How Do You Write a Strong Press Release?

When it comes to getting public relations (PR) for your brand, a press release is essentially the way to go. Writing a strong press release is not hard if you master the key elements that make up a press release itself. Here are some tips to writing great press releases.

5 Tips to Write Amazing Press Releases

Procedure for Public Relations

The Public Relations Procedure ensures that a good image of your company is in front of the public (positioning), and influencing the public.

Press releases are likewise essential when sharing business updates or the latest news with the public. It comes in handy when you want to announce a new product or hire, promote an event, or give updates about your product line. With a well-written press release, you can cut through the noise and get the right coverage you need for your announcements.

Your release needs to be attention-grabbing, compelling, and contain informative messages. But first, you’ll need to know how to write an effective press release that piques the interest of your audience. So, to write a press release that gets distributed beyond social media and to the right channels for your target audience, here are some tips to guide you.

Ensure You Have a Relevant, Newsworthy Topic

Since your press statement will go through the media and get to your customers, it needs to be relevant and newsworthy. So it helps to use a news angle if you wish to get the audience to pay attention to your press release. When writing, you can consider these questions:

  • Will your audience care about the topic?
  • Is the story relevant to your target audience?

Answering these questions enables you to create concise, clear, and useful information. It also improves the chances of the media picking up on your story. A few press release topics, to begin with, could include:

  • A new product launch
  • New store opening
  • Quarterly earnings
  • Change in leadership
  • Free resources
  • A new partnership of dealership
  • Community service, etc.

Come Up With an Attention-Grabbing HeadlineHeadlines Grab Attention

Readers will make the swift decision to read your press release based on the headlines. This goes to show that you need a headline that catches the attention of your audience. Therefore your headlines need to be written in clear, succinct, and informative language.

Effective communication is focused. Headlines should not be more than 6-10 words and it should contain your primary keywords. Keep your headlines bold and center on each platform you share your press release. Also, you can break your press release into subheadings to highlight the vital aspects of your message.  

Remember, several other organizations are vying for the attention of both the media and consumers. No boring headlines, or else it gets “lost in translation”. So you need to write a press release that stands out from the crowd and gives readers a reason to read yours over others.

Include Quotes to Reinforce Your Point

Rather than writing long paragraphs of information, you can make use of quotes. Distribution houses, media, and journalists’ lookout for quotes from your release they can easily make use of in their report or article. When used rightly, a quote gives an added sense of authority to your press release.

Press Release Quote Sources

The quote could be from your customer reviews page, the CEO, an Influencer, or an industry expert. Whoever you pick should know their stuff and be able to respond to any media requests if need be. Make sure the quotes sound real. You don’t want to release content that lacks originality. When read out loud it should sound believable and relatable. 

Additionally, avoid using buzz words or technical language. The language used should be as natural as possible. Let’s look at examples of an appropriate quote and an inappropriate quote.

Appropriate Quote

“We hope that our college paper writing service will provide students with that extra bit of breathing space when swamped with course work”

Inappropriate Quote

“Our college paper writing service is exquisite, packed with intellectual prowess to blow your teachers out of their minds”

Use a Call to Action (CTA)

The purpose of your press release is to get the audience to take action, right? So, making use of call-to-action hints the audience on what they need to do next. Not all readers will read your press release line for line, so it helps to keep the CTA high in your text. Try experimenting with different CTAs and positions. Somewhere between the first and third paragraphs works best rather than placing it at the tail end of your text.

Also when creating your CTA, it should not be too bland. Let it stand out using bold or italicized fonts. You can also add a link to direct your audience with ease.

Don’t Just Tell Your Audience, Show Then How Using Multimedia Visual Multimedia

Writing a press release is like telling a story. And with storytelling, you just don’t tell your audience, how, you also show them. So rather than sticking to just words, it helps to augment them with visuals. You can achieve this with the use of multimedia. It will provide them with a vivid perspective of the benefits of what you’re sharing.

Press Release Visuals

Using visual story elements are essential to an press release. Examples of multimedia include videos, infographics, pictures, etc. and these can easily be shared across multiple social media platforms to expand your audience reach. A press release that contains a visual element has a better chance of engaging your audience.

Press Release Multimedia

Create relevant and high-quality content to make your press release more effective. Using blurry visuals or a video with a broken sound is a major turn-off for your audience. Media houses will not use your material and neither will your customers be willing to share with others.Any material used makes up your visual brand.

Writing Amazing Press Releases

There you have it, the five tips to help you write amazing press releases. Remember that press releases are an excellent means of communicating news through the media to your audiences. It keeps them informed of what’s happening with your organization. 

Thus the information must grab the audience’s attention using newsworthy topics and catchy headlines. It should also be relevant, clear, informative, and contain visuals that paint a more vivid picture of your message. Lastly, it should also inform them of the next action you want them to take.

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