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Bank Account Reconciliation Report Example

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easily editable in ms wordBank Account Reconciliation Report Template

The Bank Account Reconciliation Report Template helps ensure the accuracy of the company’s bank account records by proving the monthly balance shown in the bank’s Account Register. After receipt of the monthly bank statement, including cleared checks, deposit slips and any other transactions; the Controller should prepare the monthly bank reconciliation and have it carefully reviewed by the CFO.

In the computerized environment, the accounting system may provide an automated bank reconciliation task. This task is generally selected once a month in conjunction with receiving the month end bank statement.

After the account-reconciling task is successfully completed, a report is provided which shows the reconciliation process, including outstanding checks and deposits in transit. The actual format will vary depending on the accounting system, but in general, will contain the same information as shown in CSH107-1 BANK ACCOUNT RECONCILIATION REPORT.

Print out the full (not a summary) report, staple it to the applicable bank statement, and file the result as an important control feature. This will document that the bank statement has been successfully reconciled.

Bank Account Reconciliation Report TemplateBank Account Reconciliation Report Template Details

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Words: 69
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Accounting
Category: Cash
Procedure: Bank Account Reconciliations Procedure CSH107
Type: Report

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