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AS9100-D External Provider Evaluation Procedure Template Word


The AS9100-D External Provider Evaluation Procedure Template Word is a comprehensive tool designed to help organizations evaluate their external providers in accordance with the AS9100-D standard. This template is ideal for aerospace and defense companies that need to ensure their suppliers meet the necessary quality requirements.

The AS9100-D External Provider Evaluation Procedure Template Word includes a step-by-step guide to help organizations evaluate their suppliers. The template covers all aspects of the evaluation process, including supplier selection, evaluation criteria, and performance monitoring. It also includes a supplier evaluation form that can be customized to meet the specific needs of the organization.

Using this template can help organizations ensure that their suppliers meet the necessary quality requirements and comply with the AS9100-D standard. It can also help organizations identify areas for improvement and take corrective action when necessary.

The AS9100-D External Provider Evaluation Procedure Template Word is easy to use and can be customized to meet the specific needs of the organization. It is available for immediate download and can be used as a standalone tool or as part of a larger quality management system.

Overall, the AS9100-D External Provider Evaluation Procedure Template Word is an essential tool for aerospace and defense companies that need to ensure their suppliers meet the necessary quality requirements. It is a cost-effective solution that can help organizations improve their supplier evaluation process and ensure compliance with the AS9100-D standard.

AS9100 External Provider Evaluation Procedure

The External Provider Evaluation Procedure AS9100 defines the aerospace criteria and methods for selecting and evaluating aircraft parts suppliers for addition to or disqualification from the company’s approved supplier list. The procedure applies to all suppliers of products, materials, and services that directly affect the quality of the company’s approved supplier list. (8 pages, 2300 words)

The Procurement Manager should evaluate suppliers based on performance capability and resources (i.e., financial status, sufficient facilities, capability of equipment, and capability/training of employees), ability to fulfill company requirements, and ability to deliver accurately, completely, and in a timely manner.

External Provider Evaluation AS9100 Responsibilities

The Procurement Manager is responsible for external provider identification, business information, and documented information for ongoing performance evaluation.

The Accounting Manager is responsible for evaluation of potential external providers’ financial information.

The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for evaluating external providers’ quality systems as appropriate and for reporting external provider quality performance.

External Evaluation AS9100 Definitions

Critical external provider – an organization that produces processes, products, and services that must conform to requirements. Contrast that with a non-critical external provider of commodities (e.g., office supplies) where quality is not as critical, tolerances can be fairly wide, and there are commonly available alternatives.

Certificate of Conformance – Is issued by an external provider certifying the item was made in accordance with required specifications. It may include test results or process specifications.

ISO-certified external provider – an organization that has demonstrated (or can demonstrate) that its processes conform to ISO 9001 and has implemented a system of continual improvement.

Conditional approval – Partial approval, usually granted by a customer to an external provider, pending correction of specified deficiencies.

Scope of approval – Approval given a part, component, or material that has been evaluated against a standard and approved.

External provider – an organization that provides processes, products, or services that are intended for incorporation into the organization’s own products and services, provided directly to the customer on behalf of the organization, or a process or part of a process is provided as a result of a decision by the organization.

External Provider Evaluation Procedure AS9100 ActivitiesAerospace External Provider Evaluation Procedure

  • External Provider Files
  • External Provider Screening
  • External Provider Purchase Orders
  • External Provider Evaluation
  • External Provider Notice
  • External Provider Disapproval

External Provider Evaluation AS9100 References

  1. AS9100:2016 Rev D, “Quality Management Systems – Requirements for Aviation, Space, and Defense Organizations”, SAE International, Sept., 2016.
  2. Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS) – is a web-based IAQG database containing information on participating IAQG member companies, National Aerospace Industry Associations (NAIA), National Accreditation Bodies (NAB), accredited CBs, authenticated Aerospace Experience Auditors (AEAs), Aerospace Auditors (AAs) certified suppliers, certificates, and audit results are available.
  3. Regulatory Requirements: The Company is required to be aware of and conform to regulations that apply to aerospace products. All across the supply chain laws govern fitness, maintainability, and other aspects of aerospace products. For example: U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 14 – Aeronautics and Space. This set of regulations addresses airworthiness, noise, and maintenance standards, among others. A copy of Title 14 can be obtained online https://ecfr.io/Title-14/ .
  4. Aerospace Quality Procedures

Additional Aerospace Resources

  1. The Aerospace and Defense Industries Association of Europe (ASD) represents the aeronautics, space, defense, and security industries in Europe in all matters of common interest. The ASD maintains a database, known as EASIS (European Aerospace Supplier Information System), containing a complete supplier list and supplier assessment data, including results and history. For information on the ASD, visit its web site, http://www.asd-europe.org/ .
  2. The OASIS database is a product of the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG). OASIS houses supplier and audit assessment data for all companies holding an accredited AQMS series certification (i.e. AS9100, AS9110 and AS9120). The IAQG requires all aerospace certified suppliers to be included in the OASIS database – if you hold an accredited certificate to AS9100, AS9110 or AS9120 – you must be entered into the OASIS database. SAE International document AS9104 details the Certification Bodies’ requirements for Aerospace Certification Programs. For information on the OASIS, visit its web site, https://www.iaqg.org/oasis/login .

NOTE: If any aerospace certified supplier refuses to be a part of OASIS, or refuses to set up an OASIS administrator, Certification Bodies are required by the IAQG to revoke the certificate of registration.

External Provider Evaluation AS9100 Forms

  • Approved external provider List
  • External provider Audit Checklist
  • Critical external provider-Contractor Evaluations
  • External provider Performance Log
  • External provider file (database)



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