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easily-editable-in-ms-wordAS9100 Supplier Survey Form Template

The AS9100 Supplier Survey Form Template covers aerospace supplier name, general information, raw materials, customer complaints, regulatory compliance, and more. The Procurement Manager should evaluate suppliers based on performance capability and resources (i.e., financial status, sufficient facilities, capability of equipment, and capability/training of employees), ability to fulfill company requirements, and ability to deliver accurately, completely, and in a timely manner. If a prospective supplier is not listed in one of the aerospace supplier information databases or the company does not have access to one of these databases, the Procurement Manager should have the supplier fill out an AS1110-2 SUPPLIER SURVEY FORM.

  • Competitive pricing is one component of an aerospace supplier evaluation – pricing should not be the deciding factor unless competing suppliers are equal in every other area.
  • Prospective aerospace suppliers should be subject to reference checks.

When completing the Aerospace Supplier Survey Form, keep in mind suppliers certified to the AS9100 standard or its equivalent (e.g., EN9100) shall be given preference.

  • When a certified aerospace supplier cannot be found, the Procurement Manager may consider a supplier that is in the process of certification to AS9100. Provided the supplier has target dates and performance goals and shows signs of meeting them, it may be granted provisional approval.  The Procurement Manager shall review the certification status of provisionally approved suppliers at regular intervals (and no later than six months after provisional approval is granted) or when target dates are reached.
  • Suppliers that are not certified to AS9100 but are certified to ISO 9000 should be given preference over suppliers not certified to either standard.
  • A copy of each supplier’s Certificate of Conformance to AS9100 or ISO 9000 shall be kept in the supplier’s file.

AS1110-2 Supplier Survey FormSupplier Survey Form AS9100 Template Details

Pages: 06
Words: 1628
Format: Microsoft Word 2013 (.docx)
Language: English
Manual: Aerospace
Procedure: Supplier Evaluation Procedure AS9100 AS1110
Type: Form

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