There is a lot to do for visitors like you at the Bizmanualz website. You can read informative blog posts or articles, download policies and procedures samples, or simply browse our products and services. You can also ask us about your policies and procedures projects or business improvement initiatives through our blog or other social media channels. What are some common policies and procedures questions we get?

Policies and Procedures Questions

Different visitors ask different policies and procedures questions, but there are a few questions that have become quite common.

Question: How Do I Upgrade From One Product to Another?

Answer: You can upgrade at anytime for the difference between the two products. In other words, upgrade for the difference between any product purchase and your new purchase.

For example:

If you purchase a single procedure for $24.95 and you want to upgrade to the whole manual for $595, then you would pay the difference of $595 – $24.95 = $570.05.

If you purchased a manual for $595 and you want to upgrade to the CEO Bundle for $2,995 then you would pay the difference of $2,995 – $595 = $2,400.

policies and procedures questionsQuestion: What kind of discount(s) do you offer?

Answer: Bizmanualz offers you several ways to get maximum value out of your purchase. We offer automatic multiple-manual discounts for all of our policies and procedures manuals. So, the more manuals you buy, the more you can save.

Save up to 42% with the Management Procedures Series

Bizmanualz Management Procedures Series are another excellent way to save. By purchasing pre-bundled manuals, you can save up to 42%. And if you download a sample and take a brief survey about your experience, you’ll receive a discount coupon at the end of the survey.

Discount Programs

Discount programs are available for multiple purchases of any kind. If you would like to provide copies of the manuals to your clients, customers, or students, contact our Sales Department at or at 314-863-5079 for details on our discount programs.

Licensing Programs

Bizmanualz also offers various licensing programs for multiple use customers. Consultants, financial services firms, advisers and educators interested in using Bizmanualz material for multiple clients must obtain a suitable license granting these use rights. Please contact us for further information.

Question: Can I edit these procedures?

Answer: Sure! The whole point of the procedure documentation we provide is to give you the starting point and flexibility to develop policies and procedures that fit your specific situation. All our policies and procedures come in easily editable Microsoft Word format. Once you have these files in your computer, you can customize it in any way you like.

Question: Can I download my purchase?

Answer: Absolutely! All our policies and procedures manuals are downloadable.

Question: Are the procedures applicable to my country?

Answer: Yes! The policies and procedures manuals are based on best practices that companies should follow regardless of their geographic location. While some US regulations (OSHA, GAAP, SOX) might be the guiding principle behind some manuals, the bulk of the content is still generic enough to be applicable to a wide range of locations and situations.

Question: Is my purchase really risk free?

Answer: Yes! You have 7 days from the date of purchase to review the material and, if it does not meet your needs, you can get it for a full refund. Contact us at 314-863-5079 or

Procedures manuals from Bizmanualz provide you a fast and easy way to plan, develop and implement your policies and procedures. Over the years, thousands of companies have used our manuals to develop well-written and effective policies and procedures to grow their business.

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