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What Is a Policy Cycle?

First, what is a policy? We know that a policy and procedure are two distinct entities. According to the dictionary, policy is a “definite course or method of action selected from alternatives and in light of given conditions to guide and determine present and future decisions”. So, what is a policy cycle? Continue reading What Is a Policy Cycle?

How to Write Company Policies and Procedures

I wonder how many of our clients, on receiving our company policy and procedure manuals, have asked themselves what in heck they got themselves into — “There’s a lot of stuff here…where do I begin?” Well, like a lot of things, it’s probably not as difficult as it looks initially. First, you took a step in the right direction by using our templates to develop your company policies and procedures. It’s always easier to start with some of the work already done for you, rather than you having to start from scratch. Now, how do you proceed? Continue reading How to Write Company Policies and Procedures