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editable in ms wordSales Compensation Procedure

The purpose of the Sales Compensation Procedure is to create a sales compensation plan that is fair and beneficial to your sales staff and to your company. The sales compensation plan helps to motivate and stabilize the sales force, and is fair to both your company and your sales force.

The Sales Compensation Procedure applies to sales management departments in creation, evaluation, and maintenance of the sales compensation plan. (12 pages, 1803 words)

Sales Compensation Procedure Responsibilities:

The Sales Manager should conduct research on creating an appropriate compensation plan that fits the company’s industry, product line and business plan. Upon completion of research and evaluation, the Sales Manager should create and implement the AD1030-1 SALES COMPENSATION PLAN.

Top Management should approve the AD1030-1 SALES COMPENSATION PLAN.

Sales Compensation Procedure Definitions:

Promotional Work – Work that has long term or alternative benefits but does not directly lead to sales orders (i.e. speaking at conferences, working trade shows outside of territory)

Sales Personnel – The professional sales personnel responsible for conducting sales call and closing sales.

Sales Compensation ProcedureSales Compensation Procedure Activities

  • Sales Compensation Plan background
  • Creating the Sales Compensation Plan
  • Monitoring the Sales Compensation Plan
  • Improving the Sales Compensation Plan

Sales Compensation Procedure Forms



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