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How does technology increase productivity?

10 Tips to Boost Office Productivity

Office Productivity

One of the questions that every entrepreneur must ask at one point or another is whether their office Productivity is allowing their staff to express their full potential. You see, this is supposed to be the place of productivity, focus and effectiveness, however, what if the place itself is what’s holding your team down. For those who are worried about this, there are a lot of things you can do in order to boost productivity in your office. Here are ten Tips to Boost Office Productivity. Continue reading 10 Tips to Boost Office Productivity

How to Increase Your Business Productivity

I am going to let you in on an industry secret. I’m sure you have heard consultants offer to make your organization more money by saying they can increase your business productivity. Then they produce clearly defined job tasks, work instructions, reports, forms, and job descriptions for every employee or business process – also known as a Policy and Procedure Manual. The thing is these manuals are derived from internal templates. Continue reading How to Increase Your Business Productivity

What Is Lean Waste?

Are you working harder these days or working smarter, and how do you know the difference? Many of the reasons we end up working so hard — and not so smart — have to do with our failure to recognize those things that waste our precious time. We may just have the wrong paradigm. The focus in a lean thinking paradigm is to eliminate lean waste, or muda (the Japanese word for “waste”). So, what is lean waste? Continue reading What Is Lean Waste?