IT Training Policies and support are critical elements of information technology (IT). In order to maintain the rapid pace of technological change, the company should use the following IT support policies and procedures to plan for change and provide an IT training template framework for its employees’ personal and professional growth.


  • IT Server-Network Support Procedure | ITTS103

  • IT Support Center Procedure | ITTS102

  • IT Systems Administration Procedure | ITTS101

  • IT Troubleshooting Procedure | ITTS104

  • IT User-Staff Training Plan Procedure | ITTS105


  • IT Server-Network Planning Checklist Template | ITTS103-1

  • IT Server-Network Support Plan Template | ITTS103-2

  • IT Training Log Template | ITTS105-2

  • IT Training Requirements List Template | ITTS105-1

  • IT Troubleshooting Plan Template | ITTS104-1

  • System Administration Task List Template | ITTS101-1

  • System Trouble Acknowledgement Template | ITTS102-2

  • Tech Support Log Template | ITTS102-1

  • User Troubleshooting Guide Template | ITTS104-2