What are the Common Mistakes in Designing an eCommerce Website?

What are the Common Mistakes in Designing an eCommerce Website?

Mistakes To Avoid While Settings Up Your eCommerce Storee-commerce business

There are many obstacles that are likely to hamper your progress can be avoided. We have compiled a list of mistakes that rookie entrepreneurs make while setting up a new store. We’ll also tell you how you can avoid making these web design mistakes.

Mistake #1: Not Doing Enough Research

Before you get down to selling a product, you should do proper market research on the product and your customer base. A lot of online entrepreneurs fail to pay attention to this detail. For the long-term success of your business, it is imperative that you are well aware of your niche and your customer habits.

Before investing in your online business, be aware of how much demand there is for the product you are selling.

Selling multiple products to multiple customer bases, in the beginning, is a sure shot way to disaster. We suggest sticking to a particular niche and targeting a specific audience base.

Mistake #2: a Cluttered Interface

Have you ever visited a website where there was too much stuff going on, and you didn’t know where to look? There are just too many elements on the page, and you get confused rather than excited to make a purchase.

You should make sure your website has enough blank spaces to let a potential customer have a break. One element should be separated from another so as to make things clear. Do not make the mistake of cramming too much text into your interface but rather have clear pictures to indicate what you are selling.

Mistake #3: Unprofessional Product ImagesProduct Photos

Seeing small, blurry, and unprofessional photos on a website is a huge turn-off. It is like walking into a physical store without display windows or mannequins. Wouldn’t you be bored and not want to purchase it?

It is extremely important to have clear, professional-looking photographs on your website. You can either choose a slideshow approach or a static one.

Here’s an example: TheHomeOffice, an Indian eCommerce brand for work from home furniture, display multiple original images for each product.

This helps in improving the user experience and making the buying decision.

Mistake #4: Unclear and Generic Descriptions

In haste to launch your website as quickly as possible, many online vendors overlook small but important details. Your product description is one of them.

Taking a quick way out and using stock product descriptions usually provided by your supplier will cost you a great deal. A generic product description will not make you stand apart from your competition. Your website will also fall through the tunnel in search engines if a manufacturer’s product description is used.

Make sure to provide compelling product descriptions that will connect with the customers. If creative writing is not your forte, invest in a content writer to do this task for you.

Mistake #5: Categories that are Unclear

A lot of online merchants have websites with unclear categories. This is one of the biggest sins an online merchant can commit. 

For example, if you are running a clothing website, it is always good to have clear categories like tops, bottoms, scarves, accessories, and such.

Some websites have unclear categories like ‘XYZ COLLECTIONS’ or ‘ABC APPARELS’, and such. This makes the customer confused and unable to find the products they are looking for.

We recommend being specific about the categories that you are offering your customers. For example, categorize Winter Clothing for Men and Women separately. If you have a catalog of party wear dresses, advertise them so – with further categories (length, neckline, sleeve size, etc.) if possible. 

Mistake #6: Not Investing in Online Content Marketing

strategy social media

If you are an online entrepreneur looking to increase traffic to your website, content marketing is the way to go. You should invest time and money into producing online content that is highly engaging and worth sharing.

It is just not enough to produce content that you want your audience to read. But it should be engaging and interesting to them. If you have a strong content market strategy, you will be able to connect better with your customer base.

Mistake #7: Lack of a Strong Social Media Presence

As an online merchant looking for success, your brand should be accessible to your customer base through a variety of social platforms. You should be actively present across various social media platforms like Watsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

Make sure you are not just present but make it a point to interact with your audience to keep them engaged and interested. Conduct fun social media activities, giveaways, and sell disclaimers on social media. Not working on your social media presence will greatly cost you in terms of traffic and sales.

Mistake #8: Lack of Clear Policy Features and Contact Details

There are a number of phony websites in the online realm. What distinguishes real websites from unauthentic ones is their ease of contacting the seller.

Have clear policy features listed on your website. Common features like SHIPPING POLICY, RETURN/ EXCHANGE POLICY, and CONTACT INFO should all be easily accessible. This will create trust in the customers. Also, ensure that you reply promptly to all queries and complaints from the customers.

Common Mistakes in Designing an eCommerce Website Visibility

The common link you can see in all the above-listed mistakes is to put your customers first. Always ensure your customers’ needs are taken care of. Make them feel safe to purchase and revisit your website.

Remove as many barriers as possible to make the customer’s shopping experience as seamless as possible. Avoid these mistakes in your online store and see how you attract and retain happy and satisfied customers!

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